Covid-19 Bali, 2020 Tourism Bali Impact

In a bid to soften the impact of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic/economic crisis on Bali’s hospitality industry, I’ve been working on this new Accommodation Bali website to help promote Bali world wide. It according to info is already popular. (Copy paste your Bali hotel URL to see its world site popularity ranking.) I’m also running online advertising on popular sites to help Bali tourism recover from the Covid-19 impact. In addition I’m offering:


During 2020 international travel restrictions there has been a decline in people searching Google for Bali and other popular international travel destinations.

International travel destination searches, Bali compared.
Chart of search volumes Vs time for international travel destinations shows that tourist destination have been hit harder during the 2020 Covid-19 crisis than economies such as Perth's based on resources.


  1. Free SEO analysis of Bali hotel/accommodation websites. Contact me for me to research and report SEO improvements to your site. Analysis of your Bali hotel/accommodation site includes, page load speed score, fix tips and resources (optimised images on your home page you can use to replace slow loading images.
  2. Free half hour digital marketing phone consultation. +61 418958799
  3. Free half hour digital marketing seminar for tourism industry groups/associations in Bali. (I’m 3 hours flight away when travel restrictions on Australian citizens are lifted. At the time of writing Australians are NOT permitted to leave Australia)
  4. Free linked pins on my Map of Bali for Bali hotels and Bali tourism businesses, till Australian travel restrictions to Bali are lifted.
  5. One free hotel photo on my slide show of Bali photos. ie free fullscreen online advertising Bali wide/worldwide.
  6. I’ve opened this Bali Blog to comments with free dofollow links for quality, high PR, relevant, Bali backlink juice. 


This Bali hotel blog and Bali tourism promotion blog was started free to help Bali tourism businesses recover from the 2020 Covid-19 Corona virus pandemic/economic crisis. Irrelevant forum spam will be deleted.

  1. Genuine Bali hotel executives can post not more than one post per week with a dofollow link to your Bali hotel/accommodation website.
  2. Professional link builders, and article writers for the purpose of link building are not permitted.
  3. Tourists can blog about the good Bali hotel/accommodation experience they encountered. This is not a forum for criticism even if deserved. There are plenty of other Bali hotel review sites. Even Google reviews.
  4. Online OTA’s and their multi-level marketers are NOT permitted to post/comment.
  5. Hate is note permitted.
  6. Topics must be relevant to hotel/accommodation or tourism in Bali.
  7. Good Bali destination news is permitted.
Covid-19 Bali, 2020 Tourism Bali Impact

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