Bali Nightclubs

Bali has a popular nightclub scene particularly popular among young tourists and local adults dancing to loud music. There’s a high concentration of night clubs in  in the Kuta Beach area near Jalan Legian, however there are also many good nightclubs in Seminyak and Nusa Dua.

The local bar girls in Bali are very sexy. Dancing entertainers are entertaining, fun and full of life. Some are hot young girls, guys and ladyboys. Some entertainers fire dance or walk around on stilts etc.


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This Bali nightclub video is long. If you just want to skip pop and reggae night clubs click straight to the sexiest bar girl dancers in Bali nightclubs


  1. If nightclubbing in Bali is your most popular thing to do in Bali then book a hotel near Bali nightclubs, though keep in mind the loud night club music will likely penetrate into your nearby hotel room.
  2. Go to Bali nightclubs with friends who you trust to look after you.
  3. Stay reasonably sober. It’s not safe to get plastered especially with the crazy road night traffic near Bali nightclubs.
  4. Grab a meal at a Bali restaurant with live music before enjoying a night out at Bali nightclubs.
  5. Keep an eye on your drink to avoid it being spiked.
  6. Stick to your nightclubbing budget and keep your money and credit cards safe.
  7. Leave your passport in your hotel safe.
  8. Some night clubs in Bali are not airconditioned so think about cool clothing.
  9. Don’t pick a fight. If you get kicked out of a night club by a Bali bouncer, go to another nightclub.
  10. If you’re drunk, catch a taxi from Bali nightclubs to your hotel.
Sexy hot Bali night club bar girl.
Bali night club bar girl.
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