Photo of beachfront resort hotel accommodation Nusa Dua Bali


These interesting photos of Bali Indonesia are copyright/owned by me: Ben Grummels whose mother was born and raised in Indonesia. Bali photos are used for photographic promotion of Bali. Free photo reprint rights are given for personal use, use by Balinese students and their teacher and for use by Bali charities and Bali not-for-profit organisations, such as Bali tourism associations. My photos of Bali used for commercial purposes must clearly show attribution to either or

If your hotel marketing manager or tourism operations business in Bali would like interesting photos of Bali included in the Bali photo slide show online below, then contact Ben.  If you don’t have any nice photos of Bali such as 360 degree, virtual reality photos or VR videos of Bali, then invite me for a familiarization tour of your tourism business for me to take videos and photos of accommodation in Bali or about your Balinese tourist business.   

Good photos of Bali Indonesia including photographs of beachfront Bali beach hotels and hotel rooms plus photos of things to do tourist attractions of Bali.

More Good Photos of Bali

More photos of Bali will be published soon. I have a holiday booked at Lombok (island next to and west of Bali) in August 2020 which might not happen if pandemic restrictions aren’t lifted by then. I am not sure if a stop-over for photographing Bali will be possible then.

For publishing your hotel accommodation property, tourism photos of Bali on this and other pages with links are part of our online advertising Bali wide services for promotion of Bali. The investment cost of photos of Bali is free if providing a fam tour and 2 nights stay. For example the beautiful photo of the Nusa Dua Beach hotel and Spa has been promoted on this photos of Bali web page and other pages and sites for free with links, for years after they rolled out the red carpet for a few days accommodation in Bali at Nusa Dua. I also provide a couple of hours of digital marketing for Bali hotel marketing executives and directors.

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