Family Holiday Beachfront Hotel Accommodation, beach hotel apartments and villas in Bali. We’re not doing hotel accommodation bookings Bali wide but rather providing free promotional information to support Bali’s hospitality industry to help Bali recover from the Covid-19 pandemic/economic crisis. Affordable, secure, self-contained and fully serviced beachfront accommodation in Bali, from luxury 5 star beachfront resorts, of which there are many at Nusa Dua, to small luxury boutique beachfront hotel villas near Bali beaches, to small cheap 3 star hotels.

Select the location price and luxury star rating of serviced hotel apartments or compare and book online secure private mountain villas or beach in villas Bali Indonesia.

Following are what you can do to help Bali’s people:

  1. Find a Bali charity to donate to. For example
  2. Get vaccinated and practice good hygiene.
  3. Buy a Bali cookbook.
  4. On the Bali Hotels Association website read the latest Bali covid news updates 

If you can think of any other supportive messages to help the people of Bali, let me know? Influencers like me should NOT ask for free promotional fam tours. To get this supportive message about Bali out, I have kept paying the bills for this popular (sub 1 millionth in site popularity world-ranked website) in over a year of travel restrictions. If out of work hotel marketing executives in Bali want free hotel marketing analysis and advice for professional development to prepare for after Covid travel restrictions ease and Bali hotels open up then contact me.


Bali relies on the hospitality industry but the Covid-19 pandemic caused travel restrictions and Balinese families to suffer. Click the button above to see the full list of travel to Bali entry conditions including a list of approved countries, 1-week quarantine in an approved Bali hotel, double vaccinated and PCR tested before travel to Bali is permitted. 

Tourists meeting Bali’s travel conditions should early book hotels in Bali for the 2023 busy tourist season of Christmas New Year.

Hotels Kuta Beach Bali

Famous Kuta Beach Bali is the most popular tourist destination of Bali. Affordable hotels, learn to surf beaches, cafes serving magic mushrooms, bars, clubs and restaurants are tourist attractions at Kuta Beach. With many new Kuta hotel developments there’s a need to change streets into pedestrian only thoroughfares to ease traffic congestion. 

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel

Upmarket luxury beachfront resort accommodation near Nusa Dua beach Bali are where conference attendees, rich and famous celebrities holiday. Bali’s best luxurious hotel rooms and hotels with the biggest swimming pools near the beach are at Nusa Dua. With high security and calmer waters Nusa Dua is good for family holidays too.

Legian Beach Bali

Hotels near Legian beach are popular for family holidays. Their gardens and hotels with swimming pools are bigger and quieter at night than hotels at Kuta beach. The area is like Kuta was 10 years ago. In 1975 it had a thatched roof. We’ve holidayed at a Dutch colonial style beachfront hotel on Legian beach. A kilometre inland from Legian Beach are some of Bali’s best affordably price holiday villas for rent in Bali.

Seminyak Beach

With Seminyak being futher away from the main tourist areas of Bali, there’s plenty of roof to spread out and relax with less crowds. New hotels near Seminyak beach have big swimming pools good big gardens. There’s less traffic congestion to get to surf spots up the coast like Changgu and Pererean.

Surfing Uluwatu Bali

Hotels Near Big Bali Surf

The southern tip of Bali collect the biggest swell for big waves breaking on coral reef for good big wave surfers. Traditional smaller style accommodation near big wave breaks like Ulawatu is being complemented with more, big luxurious hotel resorts. Some of these resorts are built on the edge of cliffs from which to climb down from and jump into the surf with your surfboard.​

Hotel villas Candi Dasa East Bali

Beach Hotels East Bali​

The advantages of staying in hotels of East Bali are that you can enjoy sunrises over clean clear water for snorkeling and are easier points of big or speed boat departure to the Gilli Islands North Lombok and the island of Nusa Lembongan which can be seen clearly from east Bali Hotels like hotels at CandiDasa. Restaurants in the mountains of east Bali are tranquil with great views into rice paddy valleys below.

There are so many things to do in Bali near your Bali accommodation that the links below can’t cover all of the things to do. Some of the best things to do in Bali, like water sports take advantage of Bali’s warm climate. Some of the best things in life are free such as Bali Beaches and the GGC Waterfall in Bali near Ubud.

Romantic Bali Weddings

Boating Fishing & Rafting River Rappids

Me left of photo, river rafting in Bali thanks to Nigel Mason Adventure Rafting Bali. So much fun that it is a must thing to do in Bali.

Bali Safari Parks

Cultural Tours

This is an information website about Bali hotel accommodation and things to do in Bali. We don't get commissions. We get fam tours to review the best of Bali's hotel accommodation and Bali destinations

Travel Bali

2021 travel by plane to Bali has never been cheaper. For example flights from Perth Australia to Bali at the time of writing were priced at $130, while flights from Bali to Singapore cost $55. Bali holiday travel with accommodation package deals can reduce the travel costs to Bali even further, as are airfare price specials to Bali advertised from time to time. I’ve got a flight from Lombok to Perth costing less than $100 in August 2020 but at the time of writing, 2021 Australian international travel restrictions won’t let me leave Australia to Bali or Lombok or anywhere outside Australia until travel restrictions are lifted. I guess I could try to get an Air Asia airline travel refund or postponement but for for only $99 this travel writer (one of two for this website) can’t be bothered. My page is Google SERP first for many competitive phrases including “hotel marketing bali“. Hotel marketing managers in Bali are invited to contact me for free hotel marketing consultations online during this time that the pandemic has hit the hospitality industry hard in Bali and  world wide.

A warm water surfing holiday to Bali is one of the best things to do in Bali. Whether you’re getting surfing lessons on smaller Kuta beach waves or you’re an experienced big wave surfer at surf spots like Ulawatu, there are many great surfing spots near good accommodation Bali wide …

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