This hotel accommodation Bali website is owned by Ben GrummelsSEO expert in Perth Australia. I am a frequent Bali visitor from my home in Perth which is only 3 hours flight away. During visits to Bali, local hotel marketing executives in Bali can benefit from my high-level digital marketing for Bali hotels with a specialisation in SEO for Bali hotels.

My mother was born in Indonesia.  I’ve lived on the island of Aitutaki for ten years where I owned and operated the largest water-sports company in the Cook Islands and was a relief manager of the Aitutaki Lagoon Resort. I love warm water surfing in Bali, the food, cuisine, culture, topography, and climate.


Bali is like a northern part of Perth. Bali is popular with Perthites because:

  1. We can catch a flight from Bali to Perth in only 3 hours of flying time. It takes about 3 hours to get to holiday destinations near Perth such as Dunsborough and Rottnest Island yet they are more expensive. Return taxi fares from my beachfront home and Perth airport cost the same as a flight to Bali.
  2. Perthites and other Western Australians working in the mining industry have high disposable incomes. We work hard and Bali is the perfect holiday destination near Perth where our dollar coverts to 100,000Rp.
  3. Many Perth people have Balinese business partners and have invested in Businesses in Bali.
  4. Bali offers a rich, unique, authentic Asian cultural experience that is so different to the mainly European culture in Perth/Australia.
  5. Australians have many friends in Bali. There is a large Balinese population in Australian cities like Perth.

I am the publisher of one of THE most popular websites about Perth. If you want to attract high-value tourists to your hotel in Bali, it would cost you one week of room vouchers at your Bali hotel for a banner ad with dofollow backlink juice to your site for 6 months. You can read more about me: Ben Grummels. Check your Bali hotel site popularity and my site popularities here:


In 2022 Bali and the hospitality industry is openning up after devestation caused by Covid pandemic induced travel restrictions. With such high economic dependence on tourism, the people of Bali have endured more than most. This hotel accommodation Bali website is mostly about the promotion/marketing of Bali. I developed it in 2020 without any links to greedy OTAs. I want to send a message to Bali hoteliers that there is a better way of promoting your Bali hotel by diverting commissions to OTA directly into marketing Balinese hotels. Below are some Bali hotel marketing ideas. Because I’m an SEO expert my pages ranks well in search engines. For example screenshots below of my SEO winning pages are often organic SERP first for “hotel marketing bali”, “hotel marketing australia” “hotel marketing asia” singapore, thialand and malaysia etc:

Hotel marketing Bali.

Hotel marketing singapore.


The following are B2B prices for this Bali Hotel website.

Aust$3,000pa lease this Bali website.

Aust$7,000 buy the full package of this Bali website with the domain name and one year of web hosting.

Aust$2,600 buy this Bali website including one year of the current web hosting but WITHOUT the domain name and modify it how you like. Comes with SEO.

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Romantic holiday Bali
Photo of the publishers of Hotel Accommodation Bali Information

If you’d like to phone me about Bali hotel accommodation information business discussions my phone number is +61 418 958 799. Alternatively, use my contact form. Don’t contact me for tourist information or spam.


My client Urs Klee in Bali.

Photo of Urs Klee, a good local hotel manager Bali.
Photo of Urs Klee, a good local hotel manager Bali.

Urs Klee, is an EXPERT, EXPERIENCED, GOOD Bali hotel general manager. A long term local Bali resident.

Urs has managed 5 star beach front hotels south of Kuta Beach, the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa and a hotel near Ubud.

I first met Urs when he got me to train his local Balinese hotel marketing executives in high level SEO.



Buy affordable beachside land for sale near Perth Western Australia for under $200,000. Blocks of vacant land near the beach in Australia at that cheap land sale price won’t last long. Less than one hour’s drive from the capital city of Perth Western Australia.

Even cheaper land for sale further north towards Bali, near beaches and a marina. Perfect property investment in Australia. Great for families in a safe community near schools, newly developed beachside public parks. If you love fishing you’ll love the affordable blocks of vacant land for sale in Perth‘s northern suburbs. Phone Ben on +61 418 958 799 for the latest Perth land buyer information.

Building renovation training Bali
The best Perth renovation services for houses and commercial properties is also available for training of Balinese workers for skills improvement for special building/renovation project in Bali. Dan is experienced in hospital building services/maintenance and UK heritage building restoration but whatever building advice you need Dan is just a phone call or 3 hours flight away. 

Perth Office Fitout WA for the latest interior office, cafe, restaurant, and hotel designs. Using tax-deductible, built off-site, wired up, office partitions and workstations. When moved from one Bali hotel location to another they leave no floor marks. These lightweight office partitions, cabinets, workstations, shop display units are computer designed and machined to Bali hotel specifications and exported as flat packs for your Balinese staff to assemble. For big hotel projects, it’s only 3 hours flight for an innovative project manager, Dave to fly to Bali and project manage an amazing, sharper image for your luxury hotel in Bali.

Office fiteout renovation Perth
Office renovations Perth.

Bulk fuel storage tank sales hire Perth.
Bulk fuel storage tank sales hire Perth.

Shipping Containers Australia for moving from Bali to Australia? Moving from Australia to Bali? Either way, Richard has a shipping container size for your budget and transport options for sales or hire of shipping containers in Bali or Australia for moving goods and or households to Bali or from Bali, Indonesia. Ideas for conversion of sea containers into a hotel. See the video.

Sea container conversion into a Bali hotel
Shipping container converted into mountain top AirBnB.



Award winning best Australian businesses. Also listed on the map of Brisbane such as our emergency dentist Brisbane SEO client.
Dentists Brisbane.
Dentists Brisbane.


A list of some of the best 2023 businesses in Perth Western Australia. All SEO Perth clients get free Perth online advertising with dofollow link juice. In addition, client businesses in Perth get free digital marketing in Perth with linked pins on the Google Map of Perth WA and the map of Western Australia.


Price dental implants-Perth.
Price dental implants Perth.



Bali street food is awesome but so too is street food in Perth such as Fabio’s fabulous fresh traditional Italian wood fired oven pizzas in Perth, with a special corporate catering service Perth wide.
Wood fired pizza truck-Perth
Wood fired pizza truck Perth
Street food Perth.
Street food Perth.

TV ANTENNA INSTALLATION SERVICE PERTH for home and commercial MATV aerial installation Perth’s northern suburbs. Give your new 4K or 8K TV the TV signal it deserves so that it can produce the best picture quality these new TVs are capable of .

TV antenna installation Perth.
TV antenna installation Perth.


Talk with Alan an experienced finance broker in Perth to get the best current Perth business loans or personal loans in Perth. Alan will do most of the loan application paperwork for your yes loan approval in Perth.

Loans Perth.
Loans Perth.


Robotic knee replacement Perth.
Robotic knee replacement Perth.



I’m only 3 hours flight away from Perth to Bali for:

  • Bali business discussions.
  • Familiarisation tours of Bali hotels. (fam tours)
  • Discussing Bali digital hotel marketing strategy consultations and Bali’s hotel executive staff professional development.
  • online advertising Bali and worldwide on this website and other websites that I own.

Kuta Night Club Dancers
If you’re visiting Bali from Australia then maybe you’d like an Australian Escort to accompany you around Bali.

Photo of a sexy hot local Bali nightclub dancer doing sexy dancing at a Kuta nightclub.


Awesome Treks

There are plenty of interesting travel destinations in Bali to trek or bike ride to. Along beaches or in the mountains. It's safer to keep off busy Bali roads when riding bicycles in Bali.


Best Price Guaranteed

We can't guarantee best prices yet because we're not selling hotel accommodation deals, but some of the hotels mentioned on this website offer some of the best accommodation deals in Bali.


Best Hotel in Bail

My family of my wife (see photo below), 2 kids and I are seeking Bali hotel fam tours to discover the best hotels in Bali. In exchange for your Bali hotel rolling out the red carpet for us, we offer VR video production, the best digital marketing advice in Bali, promotion on this popular Bali website, hotel executive training in digital marketing. (Our isn't on the top of page one of by accident.)

Our Bali Hotel Marketing Team

Bali hotel marketing

Above is a photo of my Bali hotel marketing team. They all help in some way.

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