Bali island is full of ancient Hindu temples, statues and landmarks like the active volcano of Mt Agung which can be seen from all over Bali and Lombok. Seeing Mt Agung from Mt Batur is a nice day trip from Bali beach hotels, inland via

Cultural tours of Bali include temples and watching traditional cultural dancing for tourists. Traditions in Bali are not only for tourists. If you travel to inland Bali you’ll see real traditional Balinese culture practised in Bali villages.

You look’n at me? Photo of monkey on a car roof in the Uluwatu Temple car park.

Unlike the rest of Indonesia, Bali is predominantly Hindu. In recent years I’ve seen a big increase in tourists from Hindu India. In 2020 I was walking back to the car park from the Uluwatu Hindu temple after a Borong dance cultural performance. In the car park, there was a large tour group of Indians. Their tour leader was inciting them to shout hoorah every few seconds. As we walked past between the leader and the group, I thought we’d have a bit of fun so I shouted, “India” hoorah! was the huge response. “Cricket” hoorah!, “Australia“, to my surprise hoorah! was the response and that was just after Australia beat India.

Seconds later a monkey stole my daughters left thong (flip flop) by ripping it off her foot. The next day another monkey stole my daughter’s new left thong on the wide path outside the old entrance of the Monkey Forest, inland Bali. I gave chase but retreated when a gang of about 8 criminal monkeys came out of the jungle to support the thieving monkey. Two right foot thongs were binned.

Bali Cultural Trip: Historic Landmarks of Bali

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