Cheap Bali villa rental


Private holiday villa accommodation for rent in Bali usually comes from Airbnb reservations or are on the grounds of big hotels in Bali. The advantage of villas over hotel rooms are they bigger and tend to be more private. Like a home away from home in Bali, fully equipped. If your villa is in a gated community such as inside the grounds of a big hotel you have the added benefit of security. Beachfront Bali villas are in demand so book early to secure the Bali holiday villa of your dreams and before prices of renting villas in Bali go up.

Book Bali villas online by dealing with owners directly . Most Bali villas have 4 or 5 Star hotel ratings. Many villas are either inside hotel security zones or privately owned by Indonesian and foreign investors, with most of the latter Australians who rent out their holiday home villas except for on average a few weeks in the year when they or their family holiday in Bali. Some villas are self managed via sites like Airbnb though most have local property managers based in Bali, charged with marketing, meet and greet, villa maintenance, admin, reporting and villa cleaning.

Bali villa property managers are invited to contact us for promotion of their Bali rental villas.

Photos of Bali villas coming soon. If you manage a villa in Bali, send a 480 pixel wide photo of your Bali villa. Listing of Bali villas on the Google Map of Bali is free for all clients. Property manager and villa agents can be marketing clients from as little as Aus$1 per day.

Bali villa rental Seminyak
Holiday villa rental with private swimming pool near Seminyak Beach Bali

Photo of high security private beachfront villa accommodation Kuta Beach Bali
Book this private villa in Bali online

Beach front villa for rent Bali
Secure beachfront villas inside a Bali hotel resort complex.
Holiday villas Bali
Photo of typical villa accommodation Bali with private swimming pool.

Family Holiday Beachfront Holiday Villa Bali

Affordable, secure, self-contained and fully serviced beachfront villas in Bali, from luxury 5 star beachfront villas, to small luxury boutique beachfront villas near Bali beaches. Select your Bali holiday villa location price and area of Bali, the villa star rating or compare and book online secure private mountain and beach villas Bali Indonesia.

The southern tip of Bali collects the biggest swell for big waves breaking on coral reef for good big wave surfers. Traditional smaller style villa near big wave breaks in south Bali are being complemented with more, big luxurious villas in resort complexes. Some villas are on the edge of cliffs from which to climb down from and jump into the surf with your surfboard.

Villas East Bali

Hotel villas Candi Dasa East Bali
Villas at CandiDasa East Bali.
The advantages of staying in villas of East Bali are that you can enjoy sunrises over clean clear water for snorkeling and are easier points of big or speed boat departure to the Gilli Islands North Lombok and the island of Nusa Lembongan which can be seen clearly from east Bali villa like those at CandiDasa showing in the photo above.

Travel Bali

2020 travel by plane to Bali has never been cheaper. For example flights from Perth Australia to Bali at the time of writing were priced at $130, while flights from Bali to Singapore cost $55. Bali holiday travel with accommodation package deals can reduce the travel costs to Bali even further, as are airfare price specials to Bali advertised from time to time. I’ve got a flight from Lombok to Perth costing less than $100 in August 2020 but at the time of writing, 2020 Australian international travel restrictions won’t let me leave Australia to Bali or Lombok or anywhere outside Australia until travel restrictions are lifted. I guess I could try to get an Air Asia airline travel refund or postponement but for for only $99 this travel writer (one of two for this website) can’t be bothered. My page is Google SERP first for many competitive phrases including “hotel marketing bali“. Hotel marketing managers in Bali are invited to contact me for free hotel marketing consultations online during this time that the pandemic has hit the hospitality industry hard world wide.

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