Good local hotel manager Bali.
Photo of Urs Klee, Experienced General Manage, Bali Hotels, Asia.


The best hotel manager in Bali, Urs Klee, has been enjoying a well-earned break during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic economic crisis. However, Urs is now ready to take on the job of leading a Bali hotel into the 2020/2021 Covid crisis recovery phase.


Urs has all the following qualities of a good general manager of a Bali hotel.

  1. Vission. Quickly understanding the current situation a Bali hotel is in and seeing/mapping a clear business plan for advancing the fortunes of a Bali hotel.
  2. Good communicator. Urs is a multi-lingual speaker. He’s good at communicating with Bali hotel directors, his hotel executive team, general staff, service/supply contractor negotiations, travel industry executives, negotiating with travel wholesalers, negotiating with OTAs and communicating effectively tourists.
  3. Hospitable manager. It’s a tough job being a hotel manager on call to solve continual problems in a big Bali hotel while setting an example of being hospitable to hotel guests but Urs does that. He sets an example of sophistication and hospitality.
  4. Leadership. While understanding of the the big picture, Urs also understands hotel departments, such as hotel maintenance, food and beverage, HR, Marketing, PR, Financial management, Reporting statistical analysis, MICE, etc. He knows he can’t take on details of all of these hotel executive duties, but as a good Bali hotel GM, he capably delegates and holds to account hotel executive performance.
  5. Mentor. Urs believes in the professional development of his staff. With so much experience as a general manager he’s mentored many Indonesian hotel executives to go on to lead successful careers in the hospitality industry of Bali.
  6. Experienced Hotel General Manager Bali. Ur Klee is experienced in all aspects of the hospitality industry. His specialties include hotel pre-opening project management, management of luxury resorts hotels in Bali, golf clubs & Country clubs.
  7. Urs Klee is a fit and healthy family man. He not only is a leading hotel executive in Bali but also looks the part.

Urs is currently managing glamping resort applications from investors keen to get good returns on an exclusive lifestyle property investment near Bali on an untouched pristine island paradise. See Urs’s Mayo Island glamping project.

Moyo island glamping
Urs Klee, Experienced General Manager Bali Hotels
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