Legian Beach Bali


Beachfront Hotels Legian Beach Bali

Legian beach is just north of Kuta Beach and south of Seminyak Beach. Accommodation near Legian beach is quieter than at Kuta Beach.

My favourite accommodation near Legian beach is the Melasti Beach Resort: Dutch colonial style accommodation. The service and food, as in most Legian Beach hotels is great. This Legian Beach accommodation leads through a garden right down to the beach. If salt water is not your thing, the pool in this Legian beach hotel garden is very nice.

There is a lot of villa accommodation for rent near Legian Beach. Villa are like a home away from home and good value for money. Good to book for family holiday accommodation near Legian Beach. Some Legian villa holiday rentals are in secure hotel grounds and some further inland are in the village where you can experience daily Balinese life.

Melasi Beach Hotel Bali
Photo of the Melasti Beach Hotel Bali

Big Hotels at Legian Beach

Include the Padma Hotel and the Legian Hotel where I stayed in 1975 after travelling overland from west to east Java.
Legian Beach Hotel Bali
Photo of the Legian Beach hotel Bali.
Padma Hotel Legian Bali
Photo of the Padma Hotel, Legian Bali
Horse riding past Legian beachfront hotels Bali.
Horse riding past Legian beachfront hotels Bali.
Beachfront hotel, Legian Beach Bali
Beachfront hotel, Legian Beach Bali
Restaurant Legian Beach Bali
Photo of Legian Beach Bali from a tree top restaurant.

Advertise Legian Accommodation

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