Our hotel marketing services in Bali Indonesia includes professional high-level digital marketing consultation for those with the job of hotel marketing manager in Bali. Professional development for Bali hotel executives including Bali hotel GM, CFO, CCO, Social media marketers, web copywriters and other content marketers is key to hotel marketing success in an ever-competitive online marketing world. More important than competing hotel marketing with other Bali hotels, we prefer to help you grow the Bali tourism pie by attracting international visitors to book DIRECTLY through your Bali hotel website.

Best Bali hotel marketer Ben provides hotel marketing consultations, advice and tourism marketing in Bali for Balinese hotel marketing managers in exchange for accommodation.

What OTAs spend in digital marketing to provide your Bali hotel bookings, you repay them in commissions, plus the OTA’s profit.


The alternative paying commissions to OTAs is hotel marketing your own Bali hotel website. Benefits include:
  1. Improved hotel brand marketing
  2. Better customer data collection for remarketing.
  3. Hotel guests know your site / your contact / booking information. You know their contact information.
  4. More inhouse hotel marketing faster responses and control.
  5. Helps Bali hotel marketing managers to set KPI’s for their in-house and or outsourced Bali hotel digital marketing agency.
  6. Employment for local Balinese hotel executives rather than paying to keep OTA staff in jobs overseas.
Google hotel marketing asia

Google ‘hotel marketing asia’ to see us 1 & 2 on page one of Google.

OTA fat cats extract millions from their unpaid MLMs and billions in high booking commissions from Bali hotels. OTAs never gave Bali hoteliers a break during 2020 Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Hotels and tourism businesses in Bali should reduce their dependence on OTA marketing and instead plough savings into investing in their own marketing. See the cost/benefit scenario in DIRECT hotel marketing.
OTA hotel commissions Bali book direct marketing.


  1. Contact us for FREE hotel marketing for accommodation and tourism marketing such as search engine ranking signals analysis for Bali hotel websites. For example one of the reports for you is site popularity of your Bali hotel website, a digital hotel marketing KPI.
  2. High-level, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) marketing training for your Bali hotel executives.
  3. Quality, high PR back-link juice for Bali hotels for at least a year.
  4. Advertorials on popular web pages such as: or
  5. Exclusively your Bali hotel web page on our site, SEOed with dofollow backlinks to your site.
  6. Social media marketing of Bali hotels. Let us help the hotel’s social media marketer in Bali start writing good copy so that posts perform better in search engines.
  7. SEO Ai copywriting for Bali hotel websites is a service I provide.
  8. Video production of hotels in Bali and content marketing Bali.
  9. Video SEO Bali hotel marketing for page one on YouTube.
  10. Search Engine Optimisation of your Bali hotel video on the world’s second most popular website / search engine which delivers video marketing: YouTube.
  11. Publishing your banner ads and video marketing on POPULAR Bali hotel accommodation websites.
  12. 4 Web Marketing manage pay per click marketing for Bali hotels. Google’s brand name for pay pay per click marketing is “Ad Words
  13. Marketing discounts apply for not-for-profit organisations such as the Bali Hotels Association and for members of the Bali Hotels Association.
  14. You can buy:
    1. This domain name
    2. This website with its domain name.
    3. This website without the domain name
  15.  You can lease:
    1. this domain name
    2. this website with its domain name.
    3. this website without the domain name

It took me a week to rebuild this website into a WordPress site during covid-19 travel lockdown restrictions but even though Australians are banded during this time from travelling to Bali, its site popularity improved. All four of the following Bali hotel marketing KPIs at the time of writing are good.
Popular Bali hotel accommodation website.
You can find out your site popularity by pasting your URL at If it’s low or worse reporting “No result”, meaning it’s lost in Cyberspace, phone me for free Bali business marketing advice.


Discovery Kartika Plaza and Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa are among our hotel marketing clients in Bali. In return for free late Januay accommodation we’ve provided hotel executive training in digital hotel marketing. Also while staying in these good luxury beachfront Bali hotels we’ve gone on fam tours to collect content such as videos and photos such as you can see on the top of our web pages for future Bali hotel promotion.

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel
The Luxury Nusa Dua Beach Hotel


Phone or SMS Ben on +61 418958799 with your incentive to get one of the world’s best digital hotel marketing experts to provide online hotel marketing for your hotel marketing manager in Bali. We’re only 3 hours away in Perth.
Contact 4 Web Marketing with your incentive for marketing your hotel in Bali?


Our tourism marketing Bali wide is for any tourism business in Bali wanting to connect their
High-level digital hotel marketing Bali is suited for hotel marketing executives, and or their outsourced digital marketing agency Bali staff.
Basic digital marketing training in Bali is suited for senior hotel executives in Bali such as CFO, GM, Content marketers, PR staff, Advertising agency executives, Bali property managers, hotel industry association committee members, web designers, copywriters, tourism marketers in Bali, tourist operation businesses offering things to do in Bali, travel agents and tour desk businesses.
Good local hotel manager Bali.
Photo of Urs Klee, Experienced General Manage, Bali Hotels, Asia.


Urs Klee, experienced hotel general manager in Bali is ready to lead Bali hotels out of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic crisis which has struck the hospitality industry in Bali. Urs Klee understands the benefits of digital hotel maketing for Bali hotels in a competitive Bali hotels market. 

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