Beachfront hotel Kuta Beach Bali


Beachfront Hotels Kuta Beach Bali

Holiday accommodation near Kuta Bali is luxurious, near good surf at Kuta Beach, near Kuta night clubs. The service and food at restaurants near hotel accommodation at Kuta Beach is the best in the world. I stayed in the Bali Beach Hotel in 1975 when it was low thatched roofed accommodation. Many years later I was warned that Kuta Beach won’t be the same. Yes hotel accommodation had improved but Kuta beach was still as good as before. So too were day trips organised from hotel accommodation near Kuta Beach. I’ve just returned from the best holiday of my life, staying at cheap accommodation near Kuta Bali, Indonesia.

Beachfront hotel accommodation Bali
Kuta Night Club Dancers
Night club dancer at a Bali nightclub near the Bali bombing memorial.

Photo of Kuta Beach Bali taken from Seminyak Beach. Both Bali beaches are popular at sunset.

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Kuta Beach Surf
Photo of small surf near Kuta Beach hotels are good for beginner surfers to learn to surf in Bali.
Beachfront hotels Kuta Beach Bali

Photo above of publisher of this Kuta Beach hotels web page, Ben Grummels surfing near Kuta Beach hotels and below getting finger treatment at a good medical centre near his Kuta hotel.

Good medical centre near Kuta hotels
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