Beachfront hotel Kuta Beach Bali


Beachfront Hotel Accommodation Kuta Beach Bali

Holiday accommodation near Kuta Bali is luxurious, near good surf at Kuta Beach, near Kuta night clubs. The service and food at restaurants near hotel accommodation at Kuta Beach is the best in the world. I stayed in the Bali Beach Hotel in 1975 when it was low thatched roofed accommodation. Many years later I was warned that Kuta Beach won’t be the same. Yes hotel accommodation had improved to luxury 5 star standard hotel but Kuta beach was still as good as before. 

Things to do at Kuta

  • Surfing warm water waves at Kura beach or learning to surf at Kuta beach near your Kuta Beach hotels is a popular thing to do at Kuta.
  • Buying street food from food stalls under shady trees on Kuta Beach and enjoying dishes like gado-gado on Kuta Beach.
  • Lounging about your Kuta beach hotel is a safer option than the ocean if you’re drinking alcohol. Kuta hotel restaurant and Kuta restaurant food are delicious. I found street food in Kuta just as safe as hotel restaurant food. The main thing with street food to be safe from Bali Belly is to watch it cook properly.
  • If you can’t find the tour you want at your hotel tour desk, there are plenty of tour desks on the streets outside your Kuta hotel. By car it’ll be a slow start getting out of busy Kuta streets but once you get to your Bali tourist destination a Bali tour will be worth it.
  • Kuta is the centre of the night club scene in Bali. After live music at most restaurants, head down Jalan Legian. It’ll be jam packed with cars, motorbikes, street performers, hustlers and nightclubbers.
Kuta Night Club Dancers Bali.
Sexy Kuta night club dancer at a Bali nightclub near the Bali bombing memorial.

Walking along Kuta beach as you can see from the photo below is a popular activity to do on Kuta Beach. Bali beach walks are popular in the cool weather at sunset.

Beachfront hotel accommodation Bali
View from Seminyak Beach past Legian Beach, to Kuta beachfront hotels.

Photo below of the publisher of this Kuta Beach hotels web page, Ben Grummels surfing near Kuta Beach hotels and directly below getting finger treatment at a good medical centre near his Kuta hotel.

Good medical centre near Kuta hotels

Hotel booking reservation for hotel accommodation near Kuta Bali Indonesia has been suspended in 2021 due to travel restrictions. Let me know when your Kuta hotel opens so that I can give it free hotel marketing and do a hotel review after a fam tour. 

Kuta Beach Surf
Photo of small surf near Kuta Beach hotels are good for beginner surfers to learn to surf in Bali.
Beachfront hotels Kuta Beach Bali
Rent surfboards, buy/eat food under these shady trees near Kuta Beach hotels.

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