If you’re seeking a career in hotel marketing in Bali then we’re looking for you.


  1. You’ll be our director of sales and marketing (DoSM).
  2. Your job is to:
    1. Get Bali hotel marketing managers to advertise on this website.
    2. Enrol Bali hotel executives in professional development courses such as digital marketing for hotels.
    3. Representation in Bali hospitality industry networking associations.

Sales and Marketing Bali Selection Criteria

  1. Most importantly you must be a good communicator. Maybe you’ve been a hotel CCO (Chief Communications Officer) in Bali.
  2. You need to be a good networker and client liaison person with business contacts in the Bali hotels industry.
  3. Fluent in English and capable in Balinese.
  4. Permit to work in Bali.
  5. Have a proven track record in sales.
  6. Ability to take Bali hotel executive interview notes for Bali hotel advertorials on this Bali hotel/accommodation website. 


  1. Ability to write good Google reviews and good Tripadvisor reviews for Bali hotels.
  2. Spreadsheet ability and using KPI stats to support Bali hotel marketing investment when presenting to Bali hotel GMs and Bali hotel CFOs.
  3. Reasonable photography skills for taking photos of Bali and photos of Bali hotels.
  4. Computer skills including web design in Bali, preferably using WordPress.

Benefits of a Career in Hotel Marketing Bali

50% of Bali tourism operators/accommodation/hotel online advertising revenue.

50% of Bali hotel marketing training revenue for Bali hotel executives?

Sales training. How to present a compelling pitch of our worthwhile online advertising for Bali holiday accommodation properties.

Free basic digital marketing training for Bali hotel/accommodation websites.

How to Apply for Hotel Marketing Job In Bali

  1. In the first instance phone Ben on +61 418 958 799 for your questions and information about the position of Director of Sales and Marketing, Bali Hotels.

  2. Provide the URL of your CV in our contact form.
Good local hotel manager Bali.


The Covid-19 travel restrictions to Bali have given experienced Bali 5 star hotel manager Urs Klee a well-deserved break. Currently, Urs Klee is holidaying with family in Switzerland. When Urs returns to Bali late 2020 he’ll be looking for new job as general manager of a hotel in Bali.

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