Popular Bali day tours include both nature and culture of Bali. You might think that Mason’s thrilling adventure day trip including river rafting and elephant riding through Bali’s jungle is a good adventure trip in Bali but you’ll also get to see Balinese culture and dine on Balines food cook in Balinese style of cuisine. Most adventure tours start with a pickup from your Bali hotel where for a while you’ll likely get caught up in traffic congestion in tourist hot spots like Kuta.

Following are some ideas for good Bali day trip adventure tours which I have had the pleasure to fam tour and review.

River rafting Bali


    Mason’s white water river rafting. After meeting with Nigel Mason he organised one of the best thrilling nature tour in Bali, rafting down river rapids on Bali’s hillside jungle.

  2. Swim in Bali’s waterfall pools

    Sekumpul Waterfall Bali.
    Sekumpul Waterfall Northern Bali.
  3. Elephant Riding

    Go on an elephant ride through the central Bali jungle at Elephant Safari Park Lodge at Taro in the centre of the Balinese jungle.


    Sunset sailing tours Bali. Sailing from Nusa Lemgogan to Bali.


    Be it snorkelling or SCUBA diving, you’ll enjoy some of the clearest ocean water with an amazing variety of tropical fish.


    What out for Bali monkeys. Some are gangs of robbers and can be quite agressive. Twice in one day at different locations they ripped the left thong off my 7yo daughter’s foot. When I tried to retrieve the thong, the monkey would call the gang of monkeys to fight me off.  The Monkey Forest near Ubud and it’s monkeys make for an extrordinary jungle adventure and monkey experience.

Adventure Day Trip Tour Ideas Bali

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