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Restaurants in Bali range in price, quality, cuisine and location. Food at restaurants in Bali is hot and exotic. Service at restaurants in Bali is the best in the world.  Bali restaurants are located near accommodation.  Most Bali hotels have restaurants which offer free breakfasts.

Eat where the Indonesians eat is my tip.  Not only is the food traditional Indonesian but MUCH cheaper.  The only case of Bali Belly I got was from a restaurant in Kuta which served fish cooked western style.  Some of the best restaurant meals in Bali I ate were in side streets of Kuta and in Balinese villages on the way to tourist destinations.  In Kuta I enjoyed restaurant meals from $2 while a meal at the popular beach restaurant area of Jimbaran Bay Bali was about $20.

The beachside Utopia seafood restaurant, Kuta Bali had the freshest seafood, friendly service at reasonable prices.  Owner Dirk Van Puymbroeck let patrons store their surfboards in his restaurant wall rack. Very convenient after a surfing to hose down at Utopia restaurant, open the high quality freezer, select your fresh fish and eat it while connected to free wi-fi broadband internet or watch good surfing movies on his big screen TV.  Restaurant location: near western end of Bene Sari Lane, Kuta Beach.
Restaurant Bali
European former owner of Utopia Seafood Restaurant, Kuta Beach Bali

Many top end luxurious restaurants in Bali are at hotels near Nusa Dua beach. Fabulous gardens surround poolside restaurants.  Shady trees on the beach are good if you want waiters to bring your restaurant meals beachside.

The buffet restaurant atop Kintamani volcanic mountain has good views of the lake inside the crater.  An even better buffet restaurant in Bali with good views of Mt Agung is at Salat, East Bali near Candidasa. Food at this Balinese restaurant is reasonably priced.
restaurant Bali
Good Balinese restaurant at Salat on top of a mountain with views of Mt Agung Bali the tallest volcanic mountain in Bali.

I enjoy eating at local restaurants in Bali. Balinese name for restaurant is warang.  The warang on the sands of Kuta Beach near the end of Benesari lane serves healthy cheap Indonesian food with a friendly smile. Lunch of gadogado cost or fish rice and green vegetables costs about $1. My Thai girlfriend tried to stop me from eating at that Kuta Beach restaurant saying "you'll get sick" (Bali Belly) but it was she who got sick eating at an expensive restaurant in Bali.

Take a walk under shady trees past the many cheap restaurants on Kuta Beach Bali from Benesari lane to the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel.  These Bali beach restaurants serve a variety of food including Balinese, spicy food from Samatra, coconut drinks, beer, fruit, etc. Soft drinks cost $1 a bottle.
beach restaurants Bali
Walk 2km under cool shady trees past restaurants on Kuta Beach Bali.

restaurant Legian Beach
Wired view from cool, elevated beachfront restaurant near Bali's Legian Beach.

Most hotels in Bali include free breakfasts with accommodation. Some like the restaurant at Discovery Kartika Plaza server the best breakfast in the world while other, bad restaurants in Bali might serve greasy fried rice (Nasi Gorang). I could not understand why at cheap hotels the portions of pawpaw were so small when I grows well in Bali.

See photo of the best looking restaurant on the beach in Bali at Seminyak Beach. I'd like to try the food here one day and let you know how it tastes.

The "Ocean Terrace restaurant"at Nusa Dua in The Laguna is a welcome escape from the madding crowd, right on a pretty beach.  The seafood is superb and the wine list reasonable. Lunch and dinner prices here are the same as the many trendy restaurants in Seminyak that many people now desire.


The best restaurants in Seminyak are inland slightly and include Sarong, whose chef is formerly from Long Grain in Sydney. The furnishings including languishing lounges and arty chandeliers help make the experience memorable.


A new Seminyak restaurant that's becoming well known is Sardine on Pettinget Street.  The French chef knows his seafood and you dine in a beautiful big thatched setting overlooking a rice padd field that's like a dreamy movie backdrop.  The lighting effects at night combined with the quality of food also make this a memorable experience.

 bali restaurant at night

Ultimo's restaurant in Seminyak is usually busy, but staff will seat you in the smoking section without telling you.  That's OK but not if patrons blow smoke towards you while you're dining, as two Australian louts did when we visited.  Food varies from excellent to average; the osso buco is superb but some meals are accompanied by crinkle cut chips that look like they're straight out of a packet.


The Grocer and Grind in Seminyak is an interesting café with middle aged ex-pats making for entertaining people watching.  The food is organic and fresh at very cheap prices in what could be a New York diner atmosphere.

One of our party had an upset stomach after dining here, so hopefully it was a one-off.

 seminyak bar Bali

The restaurants along the Seminyak beach are also adequate, but not attractive, so stick to the better quality Seminyak restaurants away from the beach.


Wine prices at restaurants in Bali are very expensive because of restaurant mark up and a high government tax, so try the cocktails or the good old Bali staple drink - a Bintang beer.  More Bali Restaurants

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