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For Bali Hotel Marketing Managers and other Bali executives, wanting Bali hotel marketing training, advice or advertising or hands on web marketing for accommodation in Bali, know that we accept contra accommodation in exchange for the best online hotel marketing Bali wide.

Hotel marketing managers jobs in Bali need to be done right to maximise revenue (revPAR). It's not about occupancy but rather revPAR.  Targeted professional development for hotel marketing managers is our specialty.

If your accommodation in Bali is not listed on this site, we can not book tourists into you Balinese accommodation so contact the Accommodation Bali website manager for web marketing your accommodation in Bali.

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Advertising starts at free. Online hotel web marketing Bali options:

A$ Types of Web Marketing In Bali
0.50 VARIABLE: per click from your linked banner ad or ..
60 FLAT MONTHLY FEE + A$100 one time setup.
55 Traffic statistics on demand set-up
1,500 Online video marketing of your hotel in Bali
5 Per view of your video ad
1,000 pa. Your web page hosted and SEO'ed on our site
20 Per month. 2 photos of your accommodation in Bali added to the the slide show on the official home page and to Photos of Bali web page with caption and link to your site.
500 per day Video ad production of your accommodation Bali. Discounted in Bali but you'd need to fly me there + accommodate.
330 Hourly rate SEO marketing of your web pages, (discounted to Rp1,000,000 per hour while working in Bali for a minimum of 4 days + your accommodation in Bali)
10% discount off all hotel marketing in Bali if you take on more than $2,000 worth of services.

Accommodation Bali is intended to be a free listing of accommodation properties Bali wide.

All clients get a free linked pin on the Map of Bali and which gets 1 million views PA.
Advertising for a small fee is available at accommodation Bali. This includes:

  • Up-graded listings with more text detail
  • SEO of your accommodation in Bali listing
  • Two 480 x 320 pixel photos of your Bali listing
  • Linked banner ads to your Balinese Accommodation
  • Your own gateway page on this site with links to every page on your site. Wonderful for improving your sites link count.
  • Linked buttons to your Balinese Accommodation
  • Extra hyperlinked text to for example your to your Balinese Accommodation email address.
  • Accommodation Bali properties which are clients will receive 10% discounts to any 4 Web Marketing services including:

Phone Australia's best web marketer Ben Grummels on +61 418958799 to discuss free, for the 1st 15 minutes, web marketing strategies for your accommodation in Bali or Contact  4 Web Marketing  If your are in a Bali property group / hotel chain, it may pay you to get me to Bali to share cost of web marketing your accommodation in Bali.

Web Marketing Seminars

Search engine first for "tourism marketing australia"  We can help with your marketing accommodation in Bali.

Cost of Web Marketing Bali

For me to market your accommodation in the low, wet season + $300 Perth return airfare + accommodation in Bali.  Balinese accommodation marketing can't get any cheaper than this for the BEST, according to Google, web marketer in Australia to help with web marketing accommodation in Bali.

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